East Lansing's Own Little Woodstock Music Festival Happening September 7-8

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 9:23 am
Sarah Spohn

Above: Amber, of Amber and the Bad Habits. 

Update 9/6/18 from Meridian Township Police:

Community Members,

We recently received information that a large Music Festival was being planned for this Friday and Saturday in the Township on a Haslett Road property near the YMCA. Unfortunately, the promoters did not secure the necessary permits for the event. Because we take our responsibility for protecting public safety and health very seriously, we contacted the promoters and advised them of our community standards and ordinance requirements.

One of the requirements of an event of this magnitude is an Outdoor Gathering Permit. Essentially any event that will have more than 250 persons attending needs to secure a permit and be approved by the Township Board. As part of the process, we require that adequate safety protections are in place for security, fire hazards, food, water, restrooms and vehicle access and parking. For those that are interested in learning more about this ordinance or are interested in holding an event of this size in the community, please contact our Community Development Department for more details.

Our intent of this messageis to advise our citizens and visitors that we are aware of the proposed event in our community and that we will be actively monitoring it if it occurs. Please know that if it becomes necessary, we will take enforcement action to protect our neighborhoods and our residents.


Chief Ken Plaga


The Woodstock Music Festival in upstate New York is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, but 2018 marks the year East Lansing gets its very own “Little Woodstock.”

The Little Woodstock Music Festival takes place Friday – Saturday, Sept. 7-8 on a privately-owned, two-acre wooded estate in East Lansing. The event includes 25 live music acts and three festival stages, and is a fundraiser for the Capital Region chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

While Little Woodstock is an inaugural event, it is not the first time one of the event organizers Brandon Green decided to throw a big party. In 1999, he and his friends threw an East Lansing High School graduation party in the woods behind Campus Hill Apartments.

“This was a popular spot where kids from East Lansing would go to have bonfires on the weekends,” Green said. “We decided to take that tradition to another level by bringing lights and sound equipment, and booking most of the local DJs to play a huge party we dubbed ‘The Back to Class Bash.’”

Green said the party brought out about 500 people by 10 p.m., and caused Grand River Avenue to back up from all the traffic. Police shut down the party, but the successful event led Green and four fellow graduates to create their own event production company. Infinite Entertainment Group is made up of Brian Hagan, Brandon Joseph, Anthony Drew, Terry Cabell, and Green. The company has produced college-town events across Michigan, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Canada and Mexico.

Though his first big bash was shut down, today Green said he’s fully prepared with proper permits, has support from Meridian Township for the weekend’s event, and the land is owned by his friend Casey Ray. He has fifteen years of experience in entertainment production and marketing.

Much as the original Woodstock Music Festival celebrated peace, love, and harmony, Little Woodstock organizers hope to bring people together.

“The original Woodstock festival took place at a time period inflamed with political and social strife,” Green said. “That festival served as a common ground, bringing together a wide array of musical genres, and people of all walks of life. It served as an escape from the challenging realities facing people in our country. Although our event is on a much smaller scale, we aim to achieve the same end in that regard.”

Green knows firsthand many of the challenges that come along with growing up. He and his two sisters were raised by their single mom, and he personally benefitted from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“I was matched with Chris Cashman, who was a wonderful big brother for me through the program,” Green said. “Unfortunately, he passed from cancer in 1999, but he played a very strong role in my upbringing, and I value that relationship to this day. When we were considering who to make our beneficiary sponsor, Casey and our other partner Tim Whipple both mentioned Big Brother Big Sister.... and for me it was a no-brainer. We reached out to Rich Howard who is the local BBBS program director. He was on board right away and they have been very supportive.”

The family-friendly event will include live art by Rob Shelburg, hair tattoos by Ashley Medina, face painting, yoga sessions, a children’s sandbox, and live music of all genres. The lineup includes soul music from Shay Leigh & the Woodpeckers, deep house and techno from DJ Sergio, eclectic Americana by Jennie Haber, hip-hop from The Scratch Pilots, and acoustic rock from No Loitering. Tent camping is provided by Tent City. Campers, tents and chairs are welcome.

The event is sponsored by Wild Goose Inn, The Peanut Barrel, Flat Black & Circular, The Montie House, UrbanBeat Event Center, Sir Pizza, Hagan Realty, and Berkshire Hathaway Tomie Raines Realtors. Ticket pricing, and more information is available here or by calling 517-219-3583

Single Day, General Admission Wristband: $5
Full Weekend Wristband: $8
Single Day All-Access Wristband: $15
Full Weekend All-Access Wristband: $20
16 & Under: FREE

The venue is located at 2250 Haslett Road. Free Parking is available on-site, and RV's, Campers, Tents and chairs welcome and encouraged.


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