East Lansing Educational Foundation to Hold Sock Hop this Saturday

Thursday, March 14, 2019, 9:28 am
Noa Kuszai

Above: an East Lansing High School dance pictured in the 1965 yearbook.

In an effort to reconnect people to the past and increase awareness about what East Lansing Educational Foundation (ELEF) does, the foundation is holding a 1950’s and 60’s themed Sock Hop on March 16 at the Hannah Community Center.

According to Gary Mescher, the development director of ELEF, holding these types of events allows the group to explain what they do while having fun.

“Doing this also enables our foundation to tell a brief story to attendees about ELEF and what we do to raise private financial resources to support East Lansing Public Schools,” Mescher said in an email to ELi. He added that the group gives about $50,000 annually to East Lansing Public Schools.

He also explained that they’re having the dance at the Hannah Community Center in order to remind people of a time when they were younger and things may have been simpler.

“The gym at Hannah Community Center is where we went to Junior High dances in the mid-60’s,” Mescher said. “Lots of music and memories come from that time and that’s what I wanted to recreate.”

Mescher also said that this is not the only ELEF event that will occur this year.

“I try to schedule two of these type of free community events each year. We will have a big one coming up in August of this year,” Mescher added.

He explained that previously, these types of events have also focused on the past.

“We focus on things that are of particular interest to the ‘Baby Boomer’ community in East Lansing,” Mescher said. “Previous programs have included, ‘East Lansing in the 60’s,’ and a recollection about the day Stevie Wonder came to perform at Marble School in the spring of 1965.”

The Sock Hop will take place in the gym at the Hannah Community Center on Saturday, March 16 from 4:00-5:30 PM. Local radio personality John Robinson will be playing music from the 1950’s and 60’s, with some of the stories behind the songs being shared.

The dress code is casual but neat and the event is free and open to all ages. There will also be light refreshments.

The Hannah Community Center is located at 819 Abbot Road.





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