East Lansing Citizens Concerned to Hold Informational Meeting on Parking Lot Sale Ballot Question

Sunday, October 19, 2014, 6:14 pm
Chris Root

Voters who want more information about the ballot question regarding the possible sale of East Lansing-owned parking lots in the Park District area can attend a free educational forum to be held on Thursday, October 23, 7:00-9:00 pm, at Hannah Community Center, Room 235. This will be entirely non-partisan, with the objective of helping voters understand the ballot proposal that, if adopted, gives the City of East Lansing permission to sell three parking lots for redevelopment.

Those interested are encouraged to attend the meeting, to bring questions, and to share their views. A discussion will follow a slide presentation. The format of a discussion among citizens was chosen because city voters have the very unusual opportunity on November 4 to have a direct say at the ballot box on whether a development plan will move forward since it makes extensive use of publicly-owned land.

This forum is sponsored by East Lansing Citizens Concerned (ELCC). ELCC was founded in 2012 because of citizens’ concerns about the risks, and high public costs, of the City Center II proposal for the west end of East Lansing – the area with the parking lots on the ballot question that the City now calls the “Park District.” The purpose of ELCC has broadened to promoting greater community interest and involvement in local government and working for a better-informed citizenry to have a more direct voice in city decision-making. Redevelopment and public financing have been frequent areas of focus.

ELCC normally meets the second or third Thursday of the month. Their meetings are generally listed on ELi's calendar. For more information about ELCC, contact eastlansingcitizensconcerned@gmail.com.

Disclosure: Chris Root is Co-chair of East Lansing Citizens Concerned.


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