East Lansing Band "Jackalope" Celebrates New CD With Release Party

Sunday, October 19, 2014, 10:01 am
Ann Nichols

Most of us are shut out of the glamour and mystery surrounding the movie shoot at the Broad Museum. Fortunately, we are all invited to a CD release party this evening, for local band Jackalope’s new recording I Herd Songs.

We will not have to chase singer/songwriter Charlie Richardson and his bandmates all over town to sneak pictures on our phones, because we know that they’ll be performing a free concert at The Avenue Café from 7:00pm to 9:00pm tonight. Best of all: instead of renting gowns and jewelry and spending hours getting our hair done, Jackalope’s  “postmodern cowboy swing” invites us to slide into our most worn jeans, our softest flannel shirt, and cowboy boots if we’ve got ‘em.

Oklahoma-born Charlie Richardson “grew up in a family that valued and encouraged earlymusical education through choirs, piano lessons and experimentation with American folk stringed instruments like guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins.”  As a teenager, he bought his first guitar, a 12-string, and” was hooked.”

The band, Jackalope, was born in 2013 after couple of jam session with drummer/saxophonist David Stowe (also a professor of American Studies) and bassist/vocalist Mike Lawrence (also a law professor). Adapting a handful of favorite covers and 25-30 of Richardson’s’ originals to the “Jackalope” sound, the band began to develop their own brand of catchy originals in an eclectic retro sound combining genres of old style country, folk, blues, western swing, bluegrass and jazz.

Jackalope’s first album, I Herd Songs, was recorded in 2014, and celebrates themes of open spaces, love lessons and western culture. According to Richardson, “the world is full of song, and everyone has favorites, but there are always fresh sounds.” Tonight’s event at the avenue celebrates the CD’s release with a free concert. Copies of I Herd Songs will be available for sale.

The Avenue Café is located at 2021 E Michigan Avenue, in Lansing.


Disclosure: Jackalope band member Mike Lawrence serves on the Board of Directors for Eli.

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