Dori Leyko Now East Lansing’s Acting Superintendent

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Thursday, January 26, 2017, 12:45 pm
Karessa Wheeler

Photo of Dori Leyko courtesy ELPS.

Minutes after accepting the resignation of Dr. Robyne Thompson as Superintendent of East Lansing School District last night, the Board of Education approved naming Dori Leyko, an employee in the District for nearly four years, as Acting Superintendent.

“To assure seamless continuity and the smooth delivery of educational services to our students during this time of transition, the Board has appointed our Curriculum Director, Dori Leyko, as Acting Superintendent, through June 30, 2017, School Board President Nell Kuhnmuench told ELi this morning. “Ms. Leyko has been a Principal at Marble Elementary in our District and has served during the past two years as our Curriculum Director. Ms. Leyko has been involved as an educator in public education for 23 years.”

Leyko has been Director of Curriculum for the District since 2015. Previously, she served as Principal of Marble Elementary, from 2013-2015. She was Assistant Principal at Mason Middle School from 2011-2013 and, before that, taught math and language arts at the Haslett Middle School for seventeen years.

“I’m honored to accept this role with the District,” Leyko told ELi this morning. “I have built many relationships with administrators, teachers, students, and families since I began in the District 3 ½ years ago and will continue to serve and support the school community moving forward. The team of administrators and educators in this District is top-notch, and I am excited for the future of East Lansing Public Schools,” Leyko said.

In a letter sent to District parents this morning, Leyko announced that she would immediately “assume all responsibilities, day-to-day duties, and operations of the District through June 30, 2017,” which is Thompson’s last day of employment.

She will continue her work as Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment during that time as well.

According Kuhnmuench, Thompson had given the Board her written letter of resignation on Monday but the Board needed to vote on the acceptance of the resignation so did not accept it on Monday.

With the next scheduled meeting not scheduled to take place until February 6, Kuhnmuench thought it best to act more quickly. The Board already had scheduled a closed disciplinary hearing scheduled for yesterday evening. Board members were able to amend the agenda at the opening of that meeting, which was properly noticed, and add the acceptance of Thompson’s resignation, Kuhnmuench said.

Thompson is away at a conference and was not present at last night’s meeting.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the resignation, Kuhnmuench said. Immediately after, the Board also unanimously approved the motion to name Director of Curriculum Dori Leyko as Acting Superintendent.

Kuhnmuench said she is not sure what duties Thompson will be undertaking for the remaining five months of her contract but expects it to be along the line of a “consultant” to Leyko. Leyko told ELi this morning, “Dr. Thompson is still employed by the District and may be providing some consultant services on an as-needed basis.”

Kuhnmuench also hopes the transition does not negatively affect the ability for the district to pass an upcoming bond millage, scheduled for May 2. She said she is confident that Leyko, the District and the Board can continue working toward the bond “in a positive way.”

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