Curling Slides into East Lansing this Friday

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Thursday, September 20, 2018, 9:02 am
Sarah Spohn

Photo courtesy of Lansing Curling Club Facebook page.

Ever watched Olympic curling on TV and thought you could do better? Now, you’ve got a chance to prove just how much game you’ve got. This Friday, Sept. 21, the Lansing Curling Club is hosting a late-night curling session at Suburban Ice in East Lansing from 10:15 p.m. to 12:15 a.m.

Rachel Eubanks is an ELHS alum, East Lansing resident and has been the Treasurer of the Lansing Curling Club since 2016. The club started in the ‘70s, but went dormant in the ‘80s. Eubanks said the club was revitalized a little over 10 years ago, by passionate curlers who wanted to connect with other like-minded people in the area. They’ve curled at various rinks across town, including Lansing Ice Arena and Suburban Ice, and partnered with Kalamazoo and Detroit facilities.

“We believe the best thing for our club and for growing curling in town is being here in East Lansing,” Eubanks said, “so we have worked hard to find a facility where we can deliver a great experience. Suburban Ice checks those boxes for us.”

“We have been thrilled to see the level of interest in our demonstration events,” Eubanks said. “The amount of event shares and big group attendance (including families, birthday and bachelor parties, date nights, MSU Greek events, student groups, etc.) has allowed us to keep doing what we’re doing. Our goal is to grow and maintain permanent curlers - we love the excitement we’ve seen from the community.”

Membership levels have ebbed and flowed since its conception, but Eubanks said the summer 2018 season had 16 regular club members. “I think we will continue to grow – in our last set of demonstration events, we had over 250 people attend,” Eubanks said.

Friday’s event is open to all ages, and according to Eubanks, most physical conditions.

“It is harder than it looks on T.V.,” she said. “Be patient with yourself while learning how to slide in a lunge position to deliver a stone. There is a learning curve for all of us. And remember the point is to have fun.”

During the two-hour session, attendees will learn the basics of ice safety and curling, and try sliding and throwing rocks on the ice. Curling skills will be taught by formally trained United States Curling Association instructors.

After curling, the group encourages a time-honored tradition of ‘broom stacking.’ Eubanks said the activity takes place with teammates and the opposing team sharing a beverage and celebrating at the Pizza House.

The event costs $30 for adults and $25 for students. Spaces are limited. For more information, or to sign up, click here.


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