Council Capsule: March 3, 2015

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 12:01 am
Alice Dreger

All members of Council were present: Mayor Nathan Triplett, Mayor Pro Tem Diane Goddeeris, Councilmembers Ruth Beier, Kathy Boyle, and Susan Woods.

MSU Students Ask for Mental Health Awareness Resolution: During public comments, Andrew Jason of 1124 Snyder Street spoke on behalf of the University Student Commission. (According to the City website, the University Student Commission “proposes programs and policies to improve student and community relationships and establishes formal channels of communication between the two, represents the viewpoints of the university student population with respect to city policies and legislation, and reviews issues in the city governance process that have a potential to affect the interests of the university student population and associated activities.”) Jason said that the group was asking the City Council to pass a resolution in support of Mental Health Awareness Week which will be March 30-April 3, 2015.  They ask Council to support them in encouraging promotion of the release of stigma around mental health issues, supporting the allocation of resources to address mental health, and advocating for substantive and sustainable resources to be provided at MSU and within the community for mental health. They are concerned about the interaction of stress, isolation, and anxiety that their constituents report. There are high reports of loneliness and hopelessness among students.

City manager reads statement and requests closed-door meeting with Council: City Manager George Lahanas read a statement about the mercury and asbestos problems at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. We will have a separate report on that. He also asked that his performance review be conducted in executive session (i.e., behind closed doors) and that pending litigation the City is facing be addressed in executive session. Council granted both of those requests.

City attorney also requests executive session: City Attorney Tom Yeadon asked for a closed-door meeting with Council to discuss an attorney-client privileged communication. Council granted this request.

Councilmember reports: There were none.

Bulk approval of numerous items: City Council took all the following actions under a “consent agenda,” meaning they passed all of these items without any discussion beyond any discussion that may have taken place at previous meetings:

  • Approval of the Housing Commission recommendation for a Class III rental license for up to 2 unrelated persons or a family for 611 Glenmoor, Unit 3B.  The owner is Rita MacDonell Bigelow, Lake Odessa.
  • Approval of the Housing Commission recommendation for a conditional Class III rental license for up to 2 unrelated persons or a family for 338 W Saginaw, Unit 29.  The owner is Monavar Molookzadeh, Ann Arbor.  The commission added conditions that a local legal agent be provided and the owner provide a floor plan with dimensions and rooms labeled. 
  • Approval of the Housing Commission recommendation for a conditional Class I rental license for a roomer to reside with the owner and owner’s family for 1166 Marigold.  This license cannot be transferred to a new owner in the future and any new owner would have to own and occupy the house prior to application of an initial rental license.  The owner is Jacob Dornbos. 
  • Approval of the Housing Commission recommendation for a conditional Class III rental license for up to 2 unrelated persons or a family for 600 Albert, Unit 424.  The owner is John Carr, East Lansing.
  • Approval of the acceptance of sewer easements in Eastwood Town Center under the control of Eastwood LLC and Eastwood Holdings LLC.
  • Approval of the Air Rights Easement for 903 East Grand River (The Element 903). 
  • Introduce and set a public hearing for April 21, 2015 for a Special Use Permit application from Parkview Condos, LLC for the property located at 300 West Grand River Avenue. 
  • Introduce and refer to Planning Commission Ordinance No. 1346; a request from Next Generation Investment Properties, LLC to rezone 116-132 Spartan Avenue from B-1, General Office Business District to B-2, Retail Sales Business District.
  • Approval of a resolution recognizing the significant professional achievement of Patrick McPharlin. © 2013-2020 East Lansing Info