City Charter Amendments Both Pass

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 11:07 pm
Alice Dreger

East Lansing's results are now in from City Clerk Marie Wicks, and both City Charter amendments have passed. The results have not been certified, but we have unofficial counts from Wicks.

The Charter amendment on marijuana had 3,079 votes in favor, 1653 votes against, coming to 65% in favor and 35% against.

The Charter amendment on public land sales had 2,458 votes in favor, 2241 votes against, coming to 52.3% in favor and 47.7% against.

This figures include absentee votes but are not yet official.

To read more about what these results might mean in practice, see our voter guide on the marijuana charter amendment, and our voter guide on the public land sale charter amendment.


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