Ask ELi: Why Is Construction at Donley and Glencairn Still Not Finished?

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 8:15 am
Alice Dreger

(Photo of Donley Elementary, with playground in the foreground, submitted by a reader.)

An ELi reader wrote: “I was over at Donley with the grandkids yesterday. Can’t believe the new building is still unfinished …” Another reader asked if we could give an update of when Glencairn will be completed.

We reported late last year on the finger-pointing about unfinished work at the new Donley and Glencairn Elementary Schools and in January on new contracts aimed at wrapping up that construction.

But not much seems to have happened at the buildings since. We asked Superintendent Dori Leyko to respond. She did:

“When the Board terminated the contract with Midwest Wall, the district needed to secure replacement contractors to complete the work at Donley and Glencairn. In addition to not having all of the metal panels, downspouts, gutters, etc. on site, we determined that some of the measurements had not been completed and CAD [computer-aided design] files not done for the manufacturer to even make the materials.”

That meant having to get the measurements and files made.

Leyko told us by email yesterday, “Materials are being delivered and are installed as they arrive. We elected to cover the sprayfoam with Tyvek” on the external walls “in an effort to better protect the insulation. We've also had the insulation tested to ensure that it has not lost effectiveness.”

When will the buildings really be finished?

“We are hoping — hoping because that's the best I can do when it comes to controlling construction timelines and weather — that all of the work at Donley and Glencairn will be completed by the end of Spring Break week” in early April, wrote Leyko. “We can allow contractors to work all day during this time when kids are not in session.”

Leyko added the reminder that “The district is not incurring any additional costs for the work. Thrun Law Firm has been instrumental in facilitating communication and commitments with the surety (bonding company).”

She also wanted to make sure ELi readers know that “the fencing that was recently installed around Donley and Glencairn has nothing to do with the above work. Snow/ice guards are being ordered and will be installed on the roofs of all the buildings, and the fences are to keep kids and adults away from the perimeter of the building until these are added.”

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