17 Border Crossings

Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


MSU Wharton Center Pasant Theater 750 E. Shaw Lane
Cost: Tickets from $34.50, MSU Student Tickets $18.00 with your APID.
Contact Info: 5173531982
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E-Mail Address: whartoncenter@gmail.com

A trip around the world via storytelling is effortlessly fluent in 17 Border Crossings, which starts with an empty stage and ends everywhere but! The itinerary: a Communist-era train traveling from Prague to Belgrade; a transatlantic jet to Heathrow; and 15 other border crossings recreated with magnetic charm by director, designer, and storyteller/narrator Thaddeus Phillips (Red-Eye to Havre de Grace). A chair, table, and bar of lights become the settings for body searches at Charles de Gaulle airport, KFC-smuggling in Palestine, and run-ins with the Swedish pop band Ace of Base on Croatian ferries in this engrossing look at the ins and outs of our fragile rite of passage.