All About ELi

Alice Dreger, Publisher and President


What is ELi?

East Lansing Info, known as ELi, is a non-profit citizen-run local news cooperative of the people, by the people, and for the people of East Lansing, Michigan. We are recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by the IRS, so financial donations are tax-deductible.

ELi provides free, local, non-partisan, accurate news and information about East Lansing, including reports on our local public schools, clubs, businesses, economic and governmental activities, arts events, and so forth.

Our work is made possible by our generous supporters.


What makes ELi different from other local news organizations?

In an effort to promote community news sharing and to focus especially on East Lansing, ELi confines itself to local news and information (you won't find any editorializing at ELi!) and encourages audience members to consider participating in ELi as editors and reporters. We think of ourselves as a "news cooperative" because we encourage all of our readers to consider contributing news and information. (To learn more about contributing, click here.)

ELi promotes communication among members of the greater East Lansing community, including across generations, across neighborhoods, and between permanent and temporary residents of our community. We also seek to support local educational institutions, including the East Lansing Public Schools and Michigan State University, by providing paid and mentored opportunities for students to become reporters of local news and information. ELi treats all reporters equally regardless of age, educational background, or professional status.


Why does ELi need money?

Watch this video to learn:

Who supports ELi? Your neighbors!


How can I make sure I stay up-to-date with ELi's reports?

Here are good ways to make sure you don't miss anything you'd want to know about:

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How can I learn more about ELi?

Here are some links you might find helpful:


How can I contact the folks running ELi?

You can always write to us through our online "contact" form, or you can send us paper mail at East Lansing Info, PO Box 115, East Lansing, MI, 48826. Both our online contact system and our post office box can be used to submit story ideas, request corrections, report website problems, and so on. If you'd like to submit an event to be added to our community calendar, use our special form for submitting events.


How can I support ELi's team?

We are glad you asked, because without donations from readers like you, we can't do this work for you! Click here to help us out.